Peter bakery in Essen

173 m² of new baking space for bakery Peter thanks to 18 R-EVOLUTION and CO2-Cooling Cell

From 1908 to 1998, the family company still produced in a bakery with 100 square meters. Today, Peter's bakery products are being created on an area of ​​almost 2,500 square meters in a state-of-the-art bakery, in 18 new ceramic rack ovens and CO2-Cooling Cells with a total of 173 m² of baking surface.


Bäcker Peter describes himself as “Germany's most modern bakery”, which we are very proud of. The entire bakery is equipped with our ovens and cooling cells. A special highlight here: The new combination cooling cells with the largest viewing windows in the industry, each with 4 x 1 meters per cell! These are equipped with orange-colored lights that reflect the corporate colors of the craft bakery. Since the family company traditionally has a lot of visitor traffic, a special appearance is very important.

The highlight

173 m² baking surface thanks to R-EVOLUTIONs & ATLAS

Hightech-CO2-Cooling Cell with viewing windows

That is new

3 x rack ovens (ATLAS)

18 x rack ovens (R-EVOLUTION)

2 x CO2-cooling cell

2 x proofing cell

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