The smart TOUCH-control

The high-tech IQ TOUCH® control is built into all production ovens as standard and has been successfully included in our advanced in-store oven family PICCOLO.

The IQ control´s range of functions is being constantly enhanced and optimised. Free updates guarantee that your equipment always works with the latest software, so you´ll never miss an upgrade or new function. The only thing you need is internet access.

The WACHTEL REMOTE  management-tool is the perfect addition to our IQ TOUCH® control technology: It gives you remote access to all your WACHTEL ovens with IQ TOUCH® across all businesses. The comprehensive monitoring software on your PC or tablet enables you to maintain an overview of your production line.



Traditional baking combined with hightech

The control reminds one of a smartphone: It`s intuitive, quick and user-friendly. A high-res, color screen shows the important features at first sight: Baking program, temperature and baking times. The hygienic, robust glas surface makes cleaning quick and easy. A special advantage are the smart eco-functions that offer significant energy savings.

Clever und smart

999 automatic programs, 1 handprogram (10 phases, 10 programmed standards)

Intuitive operating logic like a smart device (e.g. smartphone)

Individual user customization with regard to menu

Different user accounts: Own product photos can be integrated (50 preset pastry graphics available)


14 languages

Network-compatible: LAN, W-LAN (Access Point)

Secure and stable software

Our ENERGY MANAGER: patent pending

Keep tabs on your operating costs. The ENERGY MANAGER provides cost reports for various time frames (day, week, month, year) clearly, in compact format and with up-to-date information. This means you know when how much water, electricity and gas or oil have been used and you can check the effectiveness or energy saving measures. You can obtain the overviews of your operating costs directly on your IQ TOUCH® control on the bakery oven.

The ENERGY MANAGER also provides smart capacity optimisation. The system observes the user’s baking habits. Once the oven is ready to bake, it knows when the oven has been baking and suggests optimised times for adding uncooked goods.

Eligible for funding: Water and energy usage are continuously recorded as standard. Therefore the ENERGY MANAGER ensures data quality compliant with DIN EN ISO 50001. The system is one of the solutions that has been declared eligible for funding in accordance with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy’s directive.


All IQ TOUCH® controlled ovens include the IQ GREEN LABEL eco-function as standard. This not only makes baking easier and more efficient, it is also more energy-efficient.

Those early mornings are now a thing of the past. The SMART START eco-function specifies the most effective ready-to-bake times as the self-learning function makes immediate baking possible and avoids that long heating up time of empty decks before the first baking process.

The baker also saves time and money with the STANDBY ECO -function. It is also easy for the baker to activate a temperature reduction for any specified period in ovens not initially required. In addition, the system, once operational, automatically switches to energy-saving mode.

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