The giant for more baking performance and flexibility

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The giant for more baking performance and flexibility - Gas/oil operated

COLUMBUS, the classic deck oven with heating gas circulation (oil or gas-fired) stands out for its premium baking with a static baking environment. The WACHTEL parallel radiator design guarantees an absolutely even heat distribution with short heat paths together with a high efficiency of heat transfer in all decks.

The deck group management system, first patented in 1947 and constantly improved (VARIOMAT and TRIOMAT) ensures flexibility in the amount of baking space required and also significant energy savings. The COLUMBUS is the ideal choice in all situations where the highest possible baking performance must be combined with the smallest foot print and where a flexible, i.e. economically efficient, response to fluctuating demand and conditions is required.


Examples of your model equipment

Your advantages of an classic COLUMBUS deck oven

3 deck groups, 3 temperatures, 3 types of baked goods

Parallel radiators

Can be built-in on 3 sides

Modulating burner

High-performance steam generator for each deck

Triple-width deck oven, up to 43,2 m² baking surface area over 9 decks



Loader options for the automated bakery

Quality is always worthwhile

Huge: The triple-width COLUMBUS E model, for example, has 44 m² total baking surface with nine decks on a narrow standard 2220 mm oven width.

Energy-saving, modulating or two-stage burner technology ensures an exceptionally high heat-up capacity and short heat-up phases.

Tried and tested for 30 years: The efficient WACHTEL parallel radiators guarantee uniform heat distribution (with a thermal efficiency of ≈ 90%)

COLUMBUS MONO: all decks run at the same temperature

COLUMBUS VARIOMAT: two separately controlled deck groups

COLUMBUS TRIOMAT: three separately controlled temperature zones


The high-performance steam injectors are isolated from the baking chamber and linked directly to the burner area, offering energy advantages and blast after blast of steam without loss of temperature in the decks.

High operational reliability: High-temperature, corrosion-resistant and absolutely gas-tight welded baking chambers and ultra-modern insulation 200 mm thick

All models are to be built in from three sides and the most important elements for servicing are freely accessible, which is convenient and saves time.

Technical specifications

Number of decks (max.)     6 6 9
Deck dimensions [mm]          
  Width [mm] 1200 1800 1200/2000
  Depth [mm] 1600/2000 1600/2000 2000/24000
  Height [mm] 165/205 165/205 230
Baking surface area (max.)   [m²] 14,4 21,6 43,2
Oven dimensions          
  Width [mm] 1620 2220 1700-2600
  Depth [mm] 2380/2780 2380/2780 3040-3580
  Height [mm] 2345/2700 2345/2700 3050/4220
Oven footprint (max.)   [m²] 5,0 5,0 11,0

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