Refrigeration and deep-freezing with configurable cooling units

COOLING K - the customised cooling unit for your bakery

Our COOLING technology is designed to bake proofed dough pieces direct from frozen – an easy and simple way to ensure the consistently high quality of your fresh baked goods all day long. Our COOLING units include the modern and user-friendly IQ COOL control as standard. This includes over 100 automatic programs on the high-resolution 10 -inch touch screen making it very easy to monitor and control the products to be baked. The COOLING unit has a temperature range between +2 °C to +10 °C making this ideal for the storage of raw materials such as yeast, cream and fruit and packaged goods stay fresh thanks to the optimum insulation and premium panels.

COOLING TK - the must-have schock freezer for your bakery

With the COOLING TK system, packaged goods can be stored and controlled with optimum insulation in a temperature range of -25 °C to -5 °C. The accessible unit can also accommodate pre-frozen goods, thus opening up your bakery business to a wide range of raw materials.

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Our patented COOL RISING®-technology

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